The Hamilton Port Authority (HPA) has planted a second pollinator garden, located on the northwest side of HPA headquarters at 605 James Street.

The garden was planted with the help of volunteers and staff from the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club, Environment Hamilton and HPA. Plants were chosen that are native to Southern Ontario and are pollinator friendly. Some of the species of plants in the new garden include wild geranium, smooth aster, golden alexanders, and blue stemmed goldenrod.

The garden was planted as part of the Pollinator Paradise Project, a collaborative initiative between Environment Hamilton and the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club to build an uninterrupted pollinator corridor across the city.

This latest addition is the most recent step in HPA’s goal to create a corridor of native plantings that provide food and shelter for pollinators like butterflies and bees as they travel across port lands.

The first pollinator garden was planted last summer at HPA’s maintenance building and this summer 12 hive boxes were installed at a new bee yard adjacent to Sherman Inlet on the Port’s Pier 15.

HPA plans to continue expanding the pollinator corridor in coming years.