By Kit Darling

I attended the online public meeting on March 8th, where the Architect, Bruce Kuwabara presented 3 design options for a tower on Block 16 of the pier 8 development. He was accompanied by Luka Matutinovic of Purpose Design to address the environmental impact and standards related to the tower. Registration was required to view this meeting and to submit questions and raise concerns. I don’t believe that all community participants were in fact residents of the North End. Several individuals raised objections to a tower in that location and at least one objected to a tower anywhere. (These concerns were raised/reiterated in letters to the editor in the next day’s Spectator.) A major concern was that the tower will become one of many. The land belongs to the City. You have a vote. Another was that the tower will block the view of the harbour. A single slim tower will block your view if you are standing right behind it. Turn your head 15 degrees in either direction and the harbour is still there! And of course, there is that big, wide walkway all around the perimeter which has nothing but water in front of it.

The tower will not change the maximum number of units on the site – 1645. The settlement reached by the neighbourhood groups at LPAT settled at 246 family sized units. In looking at the floor plans of the designs, there are additional 2 and 3 bedroom units which in fact increase the number of family size units – and that is all to the good for our neighbourhood.

To decide for yourself, go to Key Project – Pier 8 Block 16 | City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and look at the presentations. And register to view the Design Review Panel meeting on April 27.