Boomers, Senior’s and Oldsters are typically the demographic providing volunteering in our Communities-gaining great benefit during the ‘third-age’.  Giving of self or donating money to charity provides a feeling of well-being and personal satisfaction.  Many of us were raised to be a good neighbour and help out in our local communities-in fact, Canada has the second highest non-profit and charitable sector in the world-Netherlands is number one.  Folks are motivated to help others, to give of their time, talent and funds because it makes them feel good and gives back to their community.  For older people, volunteering your time has a health benefit: decreased depression, lowers blood pressure, and improves cognitive function.  Studies show that a sense of purpose-being needed-and connecting with others for a good cause, reduces isolation and keeps older people engaged in their communities. A very interesting side benefit to giving back…older people are teaching younger people by example, what it means to be kind and caring for those in your community.  Feeling that you have actually made a difference in another person’s life is inspiring. An older person with a lifetime of skills and experiences and a willing heart,suddenly becomes a teacher, a helper, an individual with a reason to get up and show up and contribute! Hamilton is truly a community of volunteers and worthy causes and numerous social service agencies and charities waiting for you to come on over and lend a hand. Volunteer!  You’ll never feel so good as when you give!!