By Brian Roulston

The City of Hamilton announced on October, 2018 the start of a two month pilot project to outfit 15 Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) buses with FREE 4G WiFi. HSR will join other major city transit services throughout North America, such as Vancouver Metro, Montreal (STM), Winnipeg Transit, New York City Transit along with L.A’s Metro bus services who is conducting the largest WiFi pilot project with 150 buses in their fleet being equipped with WiFi. GO transit too has announced plans back in February to eventually upgrade buses and trains.

This year HSR added several new NOVA buses on the street which have charging ports located above the passengers heads to charge electronic devices such as phones and tablets.

The Hamilton pilot project is 50% funded through the Canadian Government’s Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) with the other half approved and funded by the City of Hamilton.

Hamilton buses with WiFi will have signage near the front door as well as brochures onboard with information on how to log on and use the new WiFi. Happy Surfing everyone!