North End Gentrification
Opinion Piece by Carrie Nicholson

I have lived in the north End since one of the nicer things other Hamiltonian’s said when they found out where I lived, was “ewwwww you live in the North End?”.

The north end was working class and lower incomes. Land was cheap so the city put in affordable and geared to income housing here. Houses and apartments were cheap to rent. North Enders welcomed people from all over our city that were financially disadvantaged.

Now the north end is being accused of gentrification, with rising house prices, making it un affordable for people to live here. I never hear of people in Ancaster selling their homes for profits of 2, 3 or $500,000 being accused of gentrification.

I hear quite a bit about how much affordable housing we need to pack into the north end so people have a place to live.

I never hear about neighbourhoods in West Hamilton, Ancaster and Flamborough considered for affordable housing.

I guess It’s expected that I shouldn’t fix up my house, to better my community so my neighbourhood always stays under-valued and low rent. Then the rest of the NIMBY (not in my backyard) people can sooth their conscience that financially disadvantaged Hamiltonian’s still have a place to live. I guess The North End is like the American Statue of Liberty. We take the poor and huddled masses nobody else wants.