Congratulations to the neighbourhood for working together again for a successful Food Drive to support Welcome Inn.  Small donations by a lot of people makes a big difference.

One resident on Picton donated SO MUCH stuff we needed a car to pick it up!  One box was so heavy it took 2 of us to lift it into the trunk!  Thank you so much Betty!

Thanks to all the “Donation Locations” and also to the Selway, Reckman, Sugit and Biehler families that went door to door to collect food. Thanks also to Barb and Dave, volunteers of Welcome Inn for carrying in, sorting and weighing the food.

All of your support not only makes the Food Drive successful; it also makes our neighbourhood a great place to live!

According to managers of local food banks cited recently in the Spectator, there has been an increase in demand for Food Banks since the pandemic began.  Not only more people need the food bank, but people who never used a food bank before are now using it.  People are using food banks because they are in the position of choosing to pay bills and rent or buy groceries.

According to Welcome Inn’s mission statement, “access to nutritious food is a basic human right.”  Their food bank is open several days a week, by appointment and by drop-in.

A financial donation can also be done at

Sheri Selway and Curtis Biehler