Demolition work appears to be close to beginning on Jamesville, and the tall building on Pier 8 is moving through the planning process.  NENA’s Planning Committee hopes to have discussions with the developers of Pier 8 and Jamesville on the issues that will inevitably arise when the trucks start rolling. 

The Planning Committee will also be considering proposals raised at the last members meeting that the Association sponsor a car free day to clear a major street for one day as a way of encouraging public transit access to the waterfront. If this idea excites you contact NENA to help out (

Sunset Gardens at the corner of Bay and Strachan is about to explode with colour, and this year there are a few exciting events planned. On Sunday, May 16th people are invited to come to the garden to watch the sun set over the Bay while the full moon rises in the east. May’s full moon is particularly exciting as it coincides with a lunar eclipse. People are invited to come down around 6pm to enjoy this sunset and full moon rise together. Bring a chair and enjoy the beauty with some neighbours. Please note, these are for clear evening sky nights only…if there are clouds there will be no full moon rise!