There has been no news regarding the next steps in the planning for Pier 8 or the Jamesville project.  NENa and Harbour West Neighbours Inc. have negotiated solutions in both cases that are waiting city council consideration.

The resident’s appeal of the vanNostrand project at 468 James Street North has been adjourned to May as a result of a mediation.  Mr. vanNostrand has sold the property to new owners who include the persons who negotiated a settlement with Harbour West Neighbours Inc. last year.  Under the terms of that settlement, the building would be changed to a retirement home with a size and angles of plane that comply with the Mobility Hub Study and the Corridors policy producing a building that is the equivalent of a six story building.  However, that settlement is not binding on the City.  The adjournment of the hearing to May will give an opportunity to the new owners to work through a common position with the City and HWN.  (HWN Inc. is the appellant in that case as only corporations can appeal and NENa is not incorporated.)  The steps going forward are subject to the mediation agreement which requires that the next steps to resolve this appeal remain confidential in advance of the hearing in May.

The hearing regarding 600 James Street North and the developer proposed 10 story building on that small site is now scheduled to be heard over a six-day period starting February 10th.  Again, Harbour West Neighbours Inc is the appellant, legal services are being provided by Herman Turkstra and HWN has retained Anne McIlroy, the author of the mobility hub study to give expert opinion evidence.  Two residents will also be giving evidence and a number of neighbours are participating in the appeal.  In this case, we are on the same side as the City as a result of City Council rejecting the advice of its planning staff who recommended approval.  The outside city lawyer representing the City will be calling expert planning and traffic opinion evidence.  The developer has retained major firms to present its views.

There has been no significant progress on the NENa request to the City to assist NENa in moving ahead on amending our secondary plan, Setting Sail, to incorporate the principles of the Mobility Hub and Corridors studies that were approved by our membership meeting in November.  Your planning committee will start to work on that issue when the 600 James Street North appeal hearing is concluded.

Comments and suggestions about traffic trouble spots in the neighbourhood should be sent to us this month as the City has proposed to update its data collection in February. Please email:

NENA Annual General Meeting, Online

February 3rd @ 7 P.M.