Our neighbourhood gateway signs are changing. The blue ones you see as you enter our neighbourhood have been temporary and now the city has reached out to the North End Neighbourhood Association to help create new ones. There are 6 signs in total and each one will contain the same artwork and be approximately the same size as the temporary ones.

The city has two requests for North End residents.

  1. What text if any do we want on the signs? It can remain the same as it currently is. “Welcome to the North End. A child and family friendly neighbourhood” or it can be something new.
  2. Where is the text? The text can be part of the sign or hang below the sign.

NENa is requesting all slogan suggestions be submitted by April 4th 2018 to northendneighbours.com or nen.president@gmail.com

Voting will take place starting April 11th on our website.

Once we have voted on the slogan the city will commence a formal Request for Artwork for the signs. The artwork will be open to all Artists and a jury which will include 2 or 3 members of the neighbourhood will select the winning option.

Get your thinking caps on and have some fun.

Curtis Biehler NENa President