by Brian Roulston

This Way means That Way, Up means Down and Stop means Go….well only for one day on January 25th anyways.

International Opposites Day is a fun, informal celebration played out in many schools across Canada and the U.S. It’s the day we do the opposite of which we say. It’s a day when both children and adults can join in with some lighthearted, backward fun to shake up an otherwise boring, daily routine during the coldest, bleakest time of year.

People can feel free to say the opposite of what they mean, put their clothes on backwards, or even step into an elevator and face the back.

No one knows for sure how it got started but most references say it may have started during the 1928 U.S Presidential election when Calvin Coolidge, who eventually became the 30th U.S President made a rather odd statement to the press announcing before that election “I do not choose to run.”  That statement spurred a debate and left everyone wondering if he really meant the opposite.

Some references say it goes back to an old childhood game that dates back to the turn of the 20th century that involved children asking each other silly and often nonsensical questions and then reversing the answers to make one another laugh.

So, Don’t have a Nice Day!!!