I’m new to the North End but I’ve always known it was there. Originally from a small town up North, I wasn’t quite used to the hustle and bustle of a city. The first time I visited the Bayfront, I noticed this sign. I thought – wow – I’ve never seen anything like that before. Maybe the city life isn’t so bad. When I started working with my home community, people from the North End Community were the first to step up and help. Volunteers came out in droves to make sure we were able to succeed. One thing that I have learned over the years is how the North End stays in your blood. As people do, some move on and create homes in other areas, but what I’ve noticed is that the North End stays in their heart.

My first mentor in community was Gerry Polmanter. Gerry’s story starts with his first visit to Hamilton’s Bay Street North on Christmas of 1963. When he moved to Hamilton, his home was at 18 Niagara Street just behind Robert Land School on Wentworth Street North. From there, they landed at 76 Keith Street in April of 1977. They moved after 33 years. “ My favourite memories are around the community events that we held in North Central Park, half the size it is today, but filled with friends and neighbours summer and winter. After moving in 2010, I never stopped being involved with the North Central Community Association which is still active in the Keith Community. The people I have worked with over the past forty years in my volunteer activities have made it worth while. They are my family, my friends and my community no matter where I actually live. As long as I enjoy what we are doing I will stay involved. I’ll look forward to seeing you at our next get together”.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Linda Robinson who leads our folding team. She raised her family in the North End, moved about a bit and still stays attached to the area. Linda has been part of the Breezes for over thirteen years. Even after moving to the Mount Albion area she continues to take the bus to the North End each month to lead our folding team and make sure our publication gets out. To her, it is an opportunity to meet and socialize with old friends, meet new ones and be part of the process that highlights her North End. They meet montly at 500 James Street and she would welcome your company. Email Linda at lindamr55@hotmail.com to be part of team or contact office@northendbreezes. com and we’ll hook you up.

These are only two of the many stories I have heard and they warm my heart and make me aware of the community that is The North End. Share your story at office@northendbreezes.com or leave a message at 905-523-6611 ext 3004. We hope to highlight the people as well as the history of the North End so all contributions are welcomed.

NORTH END BREEZES MISSION: The North End Breezes is a not-for -profit team of enthusiastic volunteers who produce a monthly newsletter in order to promote community connectivity and mutual support by engaging our North End Neighbours. NORTH END BREEZES VISION: The North End Breezes will be a vital resource that promotes harmony, pride and collective community action in a diverse and dynamic neighbourhood