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The North End Breezes is a Volunteer based Non-Profit Community Newspaper in Hamilton Ontario

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Dayna, North End Resident and Reader

“I look forward to the always-prompt delivery of the next edition to my mailbox, and to receiving the email alerting me to its availability! I so appreciate that there remains a local community paper at a time when so many others have ceased publication. It’s been a great introduction to the North End!”

James VanderBerg

“Acting as Treasurer on the Board of Directors for The North End Breezes, I have had the opportunity to be part of this vibrant, local newspaper. I will definitely miss the North End!”

Marie Mushing, People In Connection

“As an advertiser with the NEB, I am pleased to be supporting and involved with this community newspaper. In the past 10 months my ad has generated new clients and I am very pleased that people are using local business owners.”

Kristina Santone

“Being a part of the North End Breezes board for the past two years has been a privilege. The team does amazing work within the community and serves as a resource hub for all. They are committed, and most importantly, passionate about preserving the North End’s legacy, while also continuing to foster its growth. Whether you are new to the area, or a longtime resident, I encourage you to volunteer with the Breezes in some capacity if you’re able. This team is small but mighty and they are always looking for more support. I’m grateful for the relationships and community I’ve been able to build while serving on the board.
I’ll be joining Welcome Inn as the Executive Director and look forward to taking on a new role in the North End Community while staying connected to The Breezes. “

My Favorite Memories

By Bev Hill

After the excitement and bustle of the Christmas season, I like to take time to reflect on some of the memories that were made. I remember the songs that stirred me. “We are The World” by Michael Jackson, Lionel Ritchie, Diana Ross and many others. To me, it means we should love one another. Christmas reminds us to love one another, not live in a world of hate.

When we become a family of the world, we learn to share our bounty, lend a hand to others and avoid the tragedies and wars that plague our world today.

May we carry the words of another of my favourite songs. “Let there be Peace on Earth” as we move forward in this new year.