TRUSTEE, HWDSB WARDS 1 & 2: Christine BINGHAM, 75.96%

A message from Fred Eisenberger
Thank you to everyone in Ward 2 and The North End. I’m deeply humbled and honoured to be re-elected as your mayor.
I’d also like to thank the voters and the people, not only of your wonderful neighbourhood, but everyone in our wider community for their continued support.
I also wish to extend my sincere congratulations to everyone who put their name on the ballot.
We have a wonderful community. Together, we will move our city forward and build a prosperous Hamilton for all.


A message from Jason Farr:
I’m humbled by the amazing show of support our campaign received from voters in Ward 2. Thank you: you truly are the heart of this city, and I will continue to work hard alongside you every day to repay the trust you have placed in me.
A special thanks to all the incredibly hard working and dedicated volunteers who gave up time from their busy lives to knock on thousands of doors, work the phones, pound in the signs, drop campaign literature, and work their butts off in so many other ways. No words can do justice to the gratitude I feel.
To all of the other Ward 2 candidates and their supporters and volunteers, I offer my sincere congratulations on campaigns well run. You highlighted important issues, engaged residents in our civic life, and advanced the dialogue on the best ways to build our community. Your dedication to improving our community is sincerely appreciated, and I look forward to working together with you in the future to make sure that the best is yet to come for Ward 2.

A message from Christine Bingham:
I would like to thank all the residents of Ward 2 who supported my win for a second term as Trustee for the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board. I am grateful and humbled to see so much support!
I would also like to thank my opponent, Rahimuddin Chowdhurry, for his hard-fought campaign.
My aim for the next term would be to see through some of the projects that are on our Long Term Facilities Master Plan, strengthen the voice of students in our board (looking at having a third Student Trustee seat that is exclusively indigenous), bring more programming to each school with the indigenous community, create schools as safe places for our LGBTQ2 students and staff, continue supporting ESL and ELL students and their families, as well as help bring change to the Special Education programs so the programming creates success for each student.
I look forward to continuing to serve our ward 2 schools: Bennetto, Dr Davey, Queen Victoria, Central, Hess and SJAM. It is an honour and a privilege. Thank you!