20161112_153324_resized 20161112_153320_resizedIf your children are anything like mine then they are obsessed with the computer game minecraft. Like most parents I don’t get the appeal, but kids from three years of age to eighteen years love this game. So here is a simple craft idea that’s easy to do.


  • Scissors
  • Construction paper
  • Glue sticks

Depending on the age will depend on how much prep you need to do ahead of time. For very young kids you’ll want to take some of the construction paper and cut it into small square pieces, and one large square, per child. Older children can do this cutting themselves. Then you just instructed the children to use the glue and glue the little squares on the larger square in the shape of their favourite minecraft character. As the characters are drawn as made up of tinny blocks the effects work out very well. I suggest cutting up lots of green little squares as creepers seems to be the favourite. The kids love this craft, its quick, easy and they end up with a picture they can hang up.