By Bev Hill

I started school in 1955 and attended until 1968. My first school was MacGrath on Murray Street West between MacNab and Park Street. Today, the top half of the school is condos. I went there from Kindergarten to grade seven.

In those days, there were a lot of students for each teacher. I don’t recall our teachers going on strike but they weren’t under the same pressures as today. We were supplied with notebooks and pencils and the teachers would help us and plan activities.

In grade seven, my teacher was our principal, Mr. Moore who was strict! When I didn’t know the answer to his question, “how much is a gross?” he made me sit in the hall and count a box of pencils. Of course the kids coming past laughed at me and when he called me back in, I still didn’t know! In case you don’t know either, the answer was 144. Some of our other principals were Mr. Corbett, Mr. Louden and Mr. Bent.

Once a year before Christmas, we would have a fun fair in the Gym where they showed funny slides like The Little Rascals and Laurel and Hardy. We all enjoyed those and the free popcorn and soda.

When I graduated I got a diploma for Scholarship and Citizenship that I still have along with a picture my Mom bought at the fair for twenty-five cents. You can bet those are old!

When the city bought the houses on Simcoe Street we moved to the east end and I went to Hillcrest for grade eight and Glendale for two years.  I also went to Central where there were so many students we went in shifts, mornings and afternoons.

When my dad passed away, we moved to Wentworth Street North which was close to Central. We had a lot of free social activities and sports. Once, we went to Ottawa on a scholl trip and stayed at The Lord Elgin.

I graduated in 1968 and attended our school prom. I still have the yearbooks and pictures and of course the memories of my great school years and the teachers I had. Teachers today are under a lot of pressure and should be blessed for their work.