By Ian Thompson

Social distancing, self-isolation, masking and lockdowns are all terms that a little over a year ago didn’t really exist in our daily vocabulary. Almost one year into our battle against Covid-19, all of our lives have changed extensively. This is a story about a family dealing with Covid-19 and a message for all to take it seriously.

The phone rang at nine AM on New Year’s Eve 2020. A 26year-old nurse had just tested positive for the virus working in a hospital environment. Within 3 days her mother had also contracted the virus as a result of community spread. Two other family members had to immediately go into self-isolation for 14 days away from work, family and friends.

For two weeks the nurse battled fevers, breathing issues and a complete loss of taste and smell. Young and healthy the virus didn’t care and took the daily activity of an individual and basically eliminated it.

One month later the mother is still battling fatigue and breathing issues, finding it difficult to perform daily tasks that were considered normal five weeks earlier.

Covid-19 is not only about our elderly citizens who are in lockdown inside nursing homes. This virus can and has impacted all ages with real and lasting health related issues that all of us must take seriously. When you hear people say that this is a hoax or that it is overblown, please resist and take the precautions seriously that are laid out from our medical community: Social distance, wear a face covering, wash your hands frequently. This virus is real and we all need to do our part to insure that we get back to our normal and socially active lives.

Ian is a member of the Breezes Board of Directors. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts.