Linda’s Chatty Corner

Linda’s Chatty Walkabout – Linda Benson

A little bit about Linda….

“When the boys moved out of our West Mountain home, I was elated, now I could move!   After a brief stint on Locke Street, an opportunity came up to move closer to Barton Street, within a nice walk to James street North.  One of my favourite pastimes was to walk along the Bay front, with my dog, or alone. My kids and I used to visit the museum on a regular basis, and they loved to visit the Haida, when it came into port.  

My bank branch was situated on Burlington Street at that time too, so I was a regular visitor to the North End of Hamilton.   When I turned 65, I put my name on a housing cooperative list, so my eventual goal is to become a resident of the North End.  I have seen a lot of change over these past few years to the bay front, and I notice many more changes are yet to come.

I walk for exercise, and for mental health, I love to chat with strangers and friends alike, I enjoy a good cup of coffee, while reading or writing my stories.   I have been volunteering for over 30 years, mostly in the health sector, but more recently with those most vulnerable in my community.

I have been writing blogs and articles for a number of years now, and I recently teamed up with McMaster University as part of their Senior Memoir Writing Project.

My passion is my community.  I love to roam about, taking photos and chatting with strangers.  My goal would be to reintroduce other seniors to what our city has to offer, and, help get people back out again, whether for short walks or long treks.  I hope you will join me on my journey…..”

Linda’s Chatty Walk About

Linda’s Chatty Walk About

By Linda Benson I have missed my daily, chatty, walkabouts this past year.  I am so happy to be able to get out and about again.  My normal routine is to walk around a neighborhood, find a stranger to chat with, take photos of anything that takes my interest and...