By Linda Benson

It’s about time I revisited the North End, and what a difference a half a year makes. Of course the Williams Pub Café is still bustling; at least it was when I visited this past week.  Lots of seniors, from various Retirement residences were visiting at the same time.  Although a very breezy day, and slightly foggy over the water, (or was that smoke from all the past fires?), the walk from Williams to the Haida was really pleasant, what a nice pier it is now. 

I haven’t been able to get out to the Salsa nights, which takes place at the skating rink, behind Williams.  Normally they have it on Tuesday evenings, but because of inclement weather it has had to be canceled a couple of times.  I hear it’s quite a blast, and if you like dancing, it’s definitely the place to be.  This is a free event, although donations are accepted, and it kicks off at 8pm.  This event is put on by the Salsa Soul Productions; a Hamilton based Latin Dance School.  They also offer some events on Saturdays on the Waterfront.  I believe they wrap up at the end of this month, August, so like myself you only have a couple of weeks to get out and boogie. #SalsaOnTheWaterfront #HamOnt #SalsaSoulProd

Because Williams was just too busy for me, I ended up walking over to Grandads Donut Shop.  What a surprise as I entered.  It’s so much more spacious now and bright, I love the new look. Of course, the coffee and donuts were an absolute treat as always, and, it seems to me, that there are a few newer varieties, although for me, it was the Apple Fritter that drew my eye!! I noticed, on line, they have a newsletter, which I thought was very interesting, have they always had this?

On another bright and sunny day, (which we’ve only had a few of this summer) I took a walk along James St. north.  I haven’t been there for a while either, and I was equally surprised when I entered the newly renovated OLA Café & Gourmet Bakery.  They still have the same menu, maybe added one or two items.  Their baked goods are delicious and I’m glad to see they still offer their Canadian coffee, which I prefer with hot milk.  I did buy a couple of their wheat buns to bring home, and although they were good, I did detect a slight change in taste.  Perhaps the new owner has changed part of the recipe, I’m not sure but I did prefer the former style.  I noticed they have a different soup special, each day of the week.  I’d like to go try them all out.

Anyway, it’s great to be back, I have some great interviews lined up for the next edition.  Until then, stay well, stay healthy and have fun…