by Linda Benson

I usually enjoy the month of September, autumn being just around the corner, and my absolute favorite time of the year. This year though, the month has been filled with much sorrow. As a Brit, in my 7th decade, I was saddened to hear that our Monarch had passed away. Of course we all knew her time was fast approaching, being well into her 90s. But when the day arrived, like many other British baby boomers, I was deeply touched. Queen Elizabeth II has been a constant in my life. Throughout the trials and tribulations of the Royal Household, she has always been there. The end of an era for me.

Like many others in my age group, I have also been saddened by the many friends and family members, who have suffered from debilitating injuries, disease and anxieties this year, and it seems, as our season changes, their conditions have become more acute. Or, is it that since the pandemic, we notice these things more? Are we more in tune to what is happening around us?

I attended Super Crawl this year; I hadn’t been since before the Pandemic. I felt I needed to support them this year, and welcome many of the vendors back. I walked down on Friday , early evening, tents were being set up… was like a ghost town to be honest, but it felt so good to walk down the street without the traffic and general hustle and bustle. Then I went back on Saturday morning with a friend, and we walked from Liuna Station to Gore Park. Again it was fairly quiet, but I could see they were gearing up for some great activities for all ages, including musical bands, dance troupes, and many artists offering small events. I met a few really interesting vendors and I participated in a couple of artistic “openings” and “Blessings”. There were many food trucks this year, closer to Gore Park, which was great to see. Although I am not a fan of food trucks myself, I certainly appreciate the need for them, and I am so happy these owners and cooks had a chance to show off their skills and earn some money at the same time. Of course I have to say, I’m a great fan of Ola Café on James north. This is where I took my friend for a wonderfully delicious treat and coffee. Have you tried their Canadian Coffee yet? It is a normal coffee but comes with hot milk, which makes it taste amazing, and for just over $3, you can try one of their amazing pastries. Take a trip down there, during the week and meet Carla, she is a lovely lady. I was also saddened to hear that the owner of Gorilla Cheese had passed away. His food truck was the very first one I came to know. I took photos of some of the artists and vendors I met. Next month i’ll introduce them in more detail. Thanks to everyone for chatting, it was a pleasure getting to know you all.

Next month I will probably regale you with news of my Thanksgiving visit to see my grandson. It’s been far too long and I’m already getting excited.