It was an absolutely gorgeous day when I went for my Pier 8 walk about. I met two beautiful people as I strolled along. First, meet Angela, a resident of the “mountain”. She is a former graduate of Mohawk College, where she studied finance. However, these days she is much more content running her online “vlog”. She loves coming down to the Hamilton Waterfront, and like me, she marvels at the rapid changes each time she visits. We sat close to the new sandy “beach”, where there is a lovely wooden seated area, for those who wish to bask in the sunshine, or simply relax for a while. Oh, what a grand view of the harbour. The tables that we sat at were designed so that a few people could enjoy either a game of chess or checkers (game pieces not included). We had a wonderful conversation under the orange umbrella. I always marvel at how these “strangers” enjoy telling me their life stories, and Angela was a delight to talk to.

After leaving Angela to bask in the sun, I met up with a “fisherman” although I believe he referred to himself as an “angler”. Paul was my new friend for the day. I learned so much about carp fishing. Oh my, who knew there was a Canadian Carp Society? Well, I didn’t, being neither an angler nor a fishing aficionado. Paul explained his fishing set up. Wow, so many lines on one rod!! And they all have their very own bell, a sort of warning alarm, for when something was hooked. I was fascinated; I contemplated becoming an angler, albeit just for the day. Paul had not caught anything that day, however, one week later, I bumped into him again and he told me he had hooked a big one, over 20 lbs. Oh yes, he is equipped to weigh the fish, before letting them swim free again. He also has a special drop sheet to put the carp on, so they do not dehydrate or become too agitated. He also uses special bait, made with oats and corn and other delectable ingredients; delectable for the fish that is. Paul said he had gone to fish carp in England, for a week. Their licensing situation is much more stringent, (one week is equivalent to a year’s permit in Ontario) and there were designated places to fish. In Ontario, specifically around the Waterfront, he can carp fish just about anywhere with his permit. He enjoys the quiet and peace of Pier 8; however, he says there are many great places to fish, either around the Bayfront Park or closer to Williams café. On this day he sat patiently, listening to his online music/book, under his tent style umbrella. What a setup he has. Oh, and coincidentally, he is also living on the Hamilton Mountain. Thank you, Paul for educating me on carp fishing. I hope you go on to catch that big one, maybe the 30 lb. one (is that the elusive one??)

I hope that many NEB readers were able to attend the 50th anniversary celebration, held at the Hamilton Yacht club. It was a fabulous day, with lots of door prices, 50/50 drawer (thank you to the winner for re donating it back to the NEB) and the BBQ. I met many of the volunteers of the NEB for the first time myself. It was a blast.

On a footnote, I went aboard the Haida last week; I highly recommend this if you have never done so. It cost less than $4 for a senior and is free for children and youth up to 17. My friend brought her 9-year-old daughter who also thought it was fascinating. I heard later she went home and taunted her older brother about it. Her day would not have been complete without an ice-cream from Scoops. We all had a wonderful day.

I have added a couple of random photos, which I hope someone will guess what and where they are. I thought it would be a fun thing to do on a regular basis. What do you think?