by Linda Benson

What an absolutely gorgeous week it has been. This is my favorite time of the year. Flowers are beginning to bloom, trees are blossoming, wild life is coming alive and the sun is giving us much needed nourishment. I took a few, quiet & reflective, walks along the bayfront, Dundurn Castle and out to the RBG. I enjoyed seeing the Cherry Blossoms; I honestly didn’t realize how many we had so close to home. Along with the Cherry Blossoms, the Magnolias are beginning to blossom, and then the Lilacs will begin. It truly is an amazing time of the year. I took a lot of photos, in one of the trees, there are two cardinals, can you see them? On my recent trip to the bayfront, I noticed how much work is being done along Pier 8. This looks like it will be a fantastic place to hang out. With walk- ways & potential parks and play areas. I am presuming Williams Pub Café will be getting some competition soon. As much as I enjoy visiting Williams, I do believe that they need a good dose of competition, especially during the tourist season. There is, of course Grand Dads, which is close by but not quite on the pier. I do enjoy a visit to Grand Dads. I remember them from before I moved to Hamilton; it must be over 30 years ago. I had a friend who worked at the Port authority and we would always meet up in Grand Dads for one of their famous donuts. I don’t eat donuts these days, but I recently popped by for a coffee. I noticed some changes, both in display and seating, but imagine this is temporary due to the past covid shut downs. I hear from many that Grand Dads is still an icon, and they have their loyal followers. Congratulations to them for being around for so long.

I hope to be moving to the North End, in the next few years, my name is on the list for one of the co-op apartments. I am imagining a very different Pier & harbor experience by then. I’m looking forward to the return of Harbour cruises, daily boat rides and more shops to browse in. I see (in my mind) many more picnic areas, splash pads and fun things for kiddies to do. Have you had chance to walk along Burlington Street, and read the advertising boards, see what is coming to the area? I have and it’s awe inspiring. I honestly can’t wait.

I’m going to finish off by wishing you all a very happy Victoria Day weekend, hopefully the weather will cooperate, so that we can all get outside and enjoy the many events Hamilton offers.