February 01and 02! What amazing days to kick off a new month – it felt so wonderful to get out for my “walkabouts” again. And, I was not disappointed. I decided to visit Pier 4, as it had been quite a while since I was down there. I wasn’t sure what was going on with all the Emergency trucks, so I wandered over to find the Fire Department were practicing their emergency rescues. Although I knew they well insulated in their waterproof gear, I still felt sorry for them, being dipped in the icy water. How grateful we are for our essential services, these men and women do so much to keep us safe. I was as eager as a small child, clapping and taking photos.

Wandering about the pier, I met people who were just as excited about being out as I was. Talk about meeting a stranger for my talk and share – I met so many. One particular lady, out for a walk with her adult son, invited me to walk with them. She was in need of a good chat, I could tell. I did walk with them for a while until the ice fishers grabbed my attention. So off I went in another direction.

I met a man from Ancaster who was trying to ice sail, although he was having a challenge due to lack of wind. I spoke to him briefly about this sport as I had never heard of it.

There were many out with their children and pets. I actually met some lovely dogs, which led to me to the belief I need to get one to replace my lovely rescue, Missy, who had passed away, 4 years prior. A lovely lady told me her sister’s dog had just given birth, we exchanged phone numbers and true to her word, she contacted me with the breed and more information.

On the second day at the Pier, I met a wonderful couple, John and Cris, (without the “h”), friends from Toronto. They had come into to Hamilton to enjoy some of our finest waterfalls and parks and had found their way down to Pier 4. We met while both looking at a very interesting tree, neither of us knew what the exact name of the tree was, but Cris thought it was a “monkey” tree. Perhaps one of our readers can confirm that for me. These were amazing people, we chatted for a long time, it turns out they live within a short distance from where my son was living. John thought the tree was rather “Zen” which then turned into a discussion of my son’s move, just a couple of days before to Japan. What a great couple of friends they were, and they wanted me to let everyone know how much they enjoy Hamilton, and all it has to offer. And, they promised to read the North End Breeze’s on line. (I did mention they would be featured in the March issue). Of course, I mentioned to them, that they were in the best part of Hamilton, the North End.

I walked for hours on these days, even to look at the construction happening close to the Williams Pub Café. I had actually forgotten that the dining in restrictions had been lifted, that very day, otherwise I would have visited the Williams Pub Café for a much-needed Cappuccino. Don’t worry I will be back soon.

Now, most of you know I live in Central Hamilton; however, I just wanted to tell you about a new hair stylist, Darryl Allen Salon, at 355 Barton St. E. For months I have been saying how we need a new hair salon close by, between the North End and the Gibson Landsdale Area. And here he is. Darryl knows Hamilton well, having lived here in his formative years, before his move to Nashville. He is rich in character and I would go as far as saying he is truly unique, one of a kind. His salon reminds me of the roaring 20s, perhaps not the exact look he was going for, but it does also have a slight Western theme to it too. The salon is small and comfortable. You will no doubt be the only client deserving of Darrell’s complete attention. And, what attention he gives, both to detail and to his client, conversationally. Oh yes, I got my hair done and I can’t believe the difference, it’s beautiful. To say Darryl is a master of his craft, underestimates him. Darryl also has an apprentice, his nephew Alex, who is similarly a wonderful and very interesting young man. I am excited for this salon, and I wish Darryl, and his apprentice Alex, much success. If you are in need of a new, and dynamic, stylist, please check him out, or come down to 355 Barton St. E, at Emerald and pay him a visit. Parking behind the salon. Telephone 905-945-2200

Check out Darryl Allen Salon on his website and his face book page.