Hello everyone. I hope you are all well and have weathered these covid restrictions and lock downs, once again.

Because of the latest restrictions, I have not been able to wander about, as I love to do.  Therefore, the only message I have for February, is in the attached photo……

This photo was taken outside the General Hospital, at the corner of Victoria and Barton.  A beautiful painted box, showing the artist’s depiction of healing hands, from those of our medical community.  These boxes are painted by local Hamilton artists.  The painting is beautiful and I was so inspired by it. I just had to stop by, and take a photo.  However, when I viewed the photo at home, I realized that my own shadow had been captured, and to me it represented an angel with outspread angel wings!!!  I’m not suggesting that I am an angel, far from it. But what I did take from it, is that angels are looking over us, especially the nurses and doctors.  This is indeed a time to give thanks to those who are caring for us, not only those who tend to our daily needs, but to all the technicians, radiologists, admissions and unit clerks, social workers and Pastoral staff, and to those who take care of the dying.

Lets not forget, our 911 responders, our essential services; ambulance attendants, fire personnel, police staff.  We can not remain safe without these folk.   They are the true angels, and our heroes.  Can we also give a shout out to our retail staff, those who listen to our moaning and groaning at the cash registers??  People who come to work, in order to keep stores running, so that we can be provided with nourishment and sustenance.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I apologize if I missed anyone out, you are all heroes in my world.

Stay well, stay safe and stay joyful…..

Linda A. Kraan