Dear Santa

I wasn’t sure that you actually read your letters, but my friend next door, The GALA Herald says you do.

Santa, I know we are almost 46 years old but we still believe! We don’t want a lot – honest!

We’d like to have more friends who like us and tell their friends what great people we are. We’ll help them and share our toys like Facebook, Twitter and our Website. They just have to tell their friends.Add New

Everyone likes presents, so if our old friends…. and new ones…want to give us presents that would be extra nice. They could write us a story, share the story of where they are from or what happened when they were little or tell us about the great things that are happening in their neighbourhood so we can share that with everyone.

We have presents for them too! Because that’s how it works best, when we share. We’ll tell people what good restaurants they are, how many really nice things they have and how they can help people. If they tell us, we’ll share that with all our friends.

Santa, we have very good friends now who do all those things so I hope it’s okay that we want more. You can never have too many friends. They are important to us and make us feel loved and I promise Santa that we will love them back. We want to be the BEST place to tell people how lucky they are to live in our neighbourhood.

Thank you Santa! Your friend ~ The North End Breezes

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