By Brenda Duke

Hello Breezes readers! We hope you are enjoying the new and improved September issue of the North End Breezes! I’m sure that the first things you’ll notice is the addition of colour to our front and back page. The next big change is the subtle changes to our logo. Originally designed by Ed Stewart in 1971, our friend and neighbour, Stephan Hossbach from El Camino Studios, has added some changes and made it pop! We’ve added a prime advertising spot on the masthead so if you are interested, please contact us at

Next, we needed to accommodate extra articles and still keep our old favourites so we added about two inches to the paper. Still our reader friendly version but it gives us a bit more room.

I’m sure you can appreciate that these changes add to our bottom line production costs and we need your help to make them happen on a continuing basis. The Breezes is a not-for-profit publication and we rely on our donors and our advertisers. Please promote your community newsletter and spread the word.

Our other BIG NEWS is that The North End Breezes has been nominated for the Annual Hamilton Independent Media Awards, The Maggies. This is an honour and we are very proud to be part of that. The North End Breezes is entering its 48th year of publication and that doesn’t happen without leadership from the people involved over the years, our volunteers and our sponsors. Help us make it to fifty. Support the Breezes, spread the word and please give us your feedback. We are always open to suggestions and ideas. Thank you to everyone involved, past and present. Enjoy!