Well readers it’s summer time again and that means holidays!  We’ll give our writers a break and there will not be an August issue of The Breezes. Your Publication Team will be working on new ideas, new projects and getting ready to come back full force in September. Here are some of things we’ll be doing:

Hold your breath, cross all your digits and put the kettle on…..we’re planning to (COVID permitting) PRINT the September issue. We need to recruit more delivery people to hit the homes and possibly a driver to drop off at the businesses that are open.

Who do you know…or is it you….that supports, promotes and makes the North End better? We think you’re amazing and we want to show everyone! Together with NENa, we are celebrating you with The North Ender of the Year Award. You can visit us on line to nominate in one or both of the categories at https://forms.gle/NuTLKvPTJpiMFfgK7  or send us an email. We’ll close the nominations at the end of August and present the award at a gathering in September.

A lot of us have been shopping on line during the pandemic and we want to make it easier for you. We’re looking for an eager volunteer to help us complete an on-line shop to showcase our new merchandise.

Have you checked out our website www.northendbreees.com? Our on-line readership has doubled and what better way to get news on the go or promote your business. You can sign up for an email copy too!

And of course, every month brings us closer to celebrating our 50th Anniversary. We hope you are enjoying the archived articles and perhaps reliving or discovering the history of the North End. If they tweak a memory, let us know. We’d love to share your stories.

So to all our loyal readers and the ones who are discovering The North End Breezes, enjoy your summer, have fun and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. See you in September!