Greetings to all of our faithful readers and Happy Holidays! It has certainly been a different few months as we adjust to the new regulations and safety precautions. We’ve made a few changes; on-line instead of print publications to keep you informed, we have relied on social media, virtual and telephone communication to put our content together and an improved website with increased coverage to showcase our paper. There’s a negative side to that as well; ad sales are down and donations are slower coming in. These are the two main sources of support that cover our operational costs.

We are pleased to see that most of our regular businesses have been able to offer their services and in most cases reopen safely. We wish them continued success.  As always, there have been losses; long time neighbours and friends may have passed or moved away, there have been changes to our neighbourhoods, some for the good and others we wonder about. The North End continues to thrive and grow because there is such a positive sense of community.

As I enter my fourth year as your editor, I am continually grateful for the team I work with, the people I’ve met and the history I have learned about. Like all of you, I am proud to be part of The North End.

Celebrate your holiday safely and continued best wishes for the coming year.