Brenda Duke

Welcome Back! We hope that you will enjoy having your copy of The North End Breezes available to you on line at If you would like a PDF copy emailed to you, please let us know at

I’d like to thank everyone for their well wishes during my recent illness. Our publication team has done an excellent job of putting together this September issue for you. My sincere thanks to Kit Darling who pulled the team together, Paul, Chris and Ian from our Board of Directors, Katie Fitzgerald who brings the magic to life and our contributors who supply the stories, the updates and the news to you.

Well not a true “North Ender”, I have come to appreciate the community and grown to think of it as my other home. NENa has attributed me VIP status and that is an honour I hope to live up to.

We had hoped to have some changes and perhaps a paper copy available but we are still respecting the safety regulations of the pandemic so we will continue with on line for now.

You will have heard that a dear friend and supporter of The North End has passed away. We hope to continue the legacy of Ed Stewart and continue to offer the North Ender of The Year Award when we can safely do so.

In the meantime, please continue to share your stories to keep the history of the North End alive and support our local businesses and partners.

Be well, be safe and enjoy!