We’re taking a vacation! Yes readers, it’s that time of year when The North End Breezes takes some time off during the month of August to regroup, rethink and redesign your monthly community newspaper.

Since April, the social atmosphere has meant that we published on-line only. Our priority, after getting the news to our loyal readers was the safety and well- being of our volunteer delivery teams. We know that you have still been enjoying the Breezes; our on-line presence increased by 57% . We were able to provide more colour and we tried our best to keep you informed of what was happening in the North End and in the neighbouring communities.

I’m a firm believer in print. There’s nothing better than putting your feet up and relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee while you browse through the stories and articles that interest you and learn about what’s happening. While the city has been on hold, the North End certainly has not.  The developments are still happening and our neighbourhood association, NENa, has kept us up to date. The new Hughson Street Baptist Church is winding up for opening soon so we have that to look forward to. Did we miss out on some of the annual events that have made North End history? Yes, the annual North End Reunion and North Ender of The Year Award were postponed, our annual rain barrel and plant sale were cancelled and the neighbourhood BBQ’s and festivals were set aside. However, we are hopeful that as the city reopens we may have some Fall events to look forward to.

A special thank you needs to go out to our local restaurants, our churches and our  service providers and especially our publication team of writers and organizers that made adjustments to still serve you safely and make sure you were still part of the North End Family.

So, what will September bring? That will depend on what happens with the city overall. Our hope is that you will find a copy of The Breezes on your doorstep, that we can gather safely to celebrate our dedication and diligence to adhere to the rules of safety and that you will work with us to continue to improve your North End Breezes. We have a busy year planned and we will need your help to prepare for our celebration of fifty years of publication so stay tuned for that.

We always welcome your stories, your photos and your memories to share with our loyal readers. You can email us at office@northendbreezes or contact us through our website at www.northendbreezes.com.