During the week of April 19th to 25th, Canada celebrates over 12.7 million volunteers. We think our volunteers should be celebrated every day.

For almost 50 years, volunteers have been the backbone of The Breezes; the gears that turn the wheel.

Everyone from our Board of Directors to our delivery people dedicate their time to making sure the Breezes gets published and delivered each month.

For years, we had a volunteer team of 20 people that met monthly to prepare the papers for Canada Post. Last year we changed to volunteer delivery and we have close to 30 volunteers doing that. Their commitment has been largely responsible for keeping The Breezes afloat financially. All of our writers (the number varies from 10 – 15) both regular and periodic, are volunteers who research, write and submit articles. Our board of directors currently has 4 volunteers who supervise and advise on everything from what we publish to financial responsibilities. It is generally these board members you will see at the neighbourhood events. Right now, they are looking for two additional members so let us know if we’ve piqued your interest. You can reach us at office@northendbreezes.com.

So, as you can see, we really do rely on our volunteers and they are appreciated so much. Thank you to each and every one of you who help us bring news of the community to the community!