Happy New Year! I’d like to extend our gratitude and warmest wishes to our loyal readers and those who support our efforts throughout the year. We’ve had a productive and fun filled year but we’re always looking for new members of our volunteer team.

We have two exciting projects coming up in 2020.

First, we hope to be working with Ed Stewart who organizes the North Ender of the Year Award in July each year. We’ll be looking for nominations so watch for information in upcoming issues of The Breezes.

And, I know it seems a long way off but 2021 will mark our 50th year of publishing The Breezes. We have plans in the works for a huge party to celebrate. We’ll be forming a sub-committee to gather draw prizes, silent auction items and raffles.

You can join us by contacting and I’ll be happy to share the details.

To each of you, we wish you a New Year filled with joy, love and good health.