By Brenda Duke

One year ago, I joined the Breezes. My challenge was to fill the “big shoes” that Wendy Collins had worn for many years. In addition, I was challenged to take the Breezes into a transition that would bring us into the forefront and make us more sustainable. I’ve done my best to make that happen. We’ve brought in changes that have been well received and have increased the awareness of the Breezes to our readership. We have people reaching out to contribute articles and we’ve expanded to cover the existing demographic plus attract the new demographic of people who are attracted to the North End. We are recognized; even to being nominated for The Maggies.  Did we win? Not this year!

All of this growth happened because of the people who stepped in to help; the regular contributors and the new, the volunteers and the people who welcomed me into the role and the support of our board of directors and the community. I have made many friends over the past year and I value those.

As I said in the beginning, I was not from and didn’t know the North End and instead of shutting me out, I was accepted and now I have two communities that I belong to and make me feel welcome.  Recently I was asked if I was happy with how we are developing and what we are accomplishing. My answer to that is yes. I’m happy with your confidence in me and being patient while I share my visions and make decisions that often generate the welcomed constructive criticism that brings about change. It’s your paper! You are the best judge of what makes it great. But, am I satisfied? No. Not until our publication becomes recognized as the most viable source of news for the North End, a source of community news for the community. A publication that started 46 years ago and is well on its way to celebrating 50 years in the community. Satisfaction breeds complacency and we are anything but. We will continue to grow with your help. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this.