By Brenda Duke

2023 was an exciting year for The Breezes! I am always amazed and thankful for the contributions of interesting and informative news and our dedicated writers; Brian Rolston, Ken Hirter, Candy Venning, Crime Stoppers, Trever MaKenna, Ward 2 Counsellor, Cameron Kroetsch, Robyn Gillam and others that share their expertise with our readers.

We have so much talent in the North End that contributes to our continued success and I am forever grateful to the small group of people who make up our Publication Team; Kit Darling, Editorial Assistant, Katie Fitzgerald, Design and Layout and Marie Mushing, Web Site Designer. Our Board of Directors; Elizabeth Poynter, Chair, James Vandenberg, Financial Officer, Kristina Santone, Secretary, Chris Pearson, Community Liaison, Maureen Scally, Neighbourhood Connection/Event Planner. And of course, we couldn’t continue without the support of Compass Health Centre and our Community Partners; NENa, Welcome Inn, HOPA, Bennetto Recreation Centre, St Lawrence Parish, James Baptist Church. To each of you that trust us to advertise and promote your business, know that you are valued and appreciated.

What we do, and have done for over 50 years is made possible by volunteers and thanks to our Delivery Team, we show up each month on your doorstep; Maureen Snowball, Chrissy Chrzan, and Sheri Selway,  Delivery Leads, Barb Wight, Steve Osbourne, Sharon Strays, Tanya Richie, Sandra Hudson, Dave Van Heeswyk, Jodie Colbourne, Cameron Jolie, Jeff Glen, John Benjamin, Mike Hill, Ken Hirter, Kathy Pipe, Katie Fitzgerald, Karl Andrus & Tina Dort, Donna Stewart, Kristina Santone, Ian Fox & Kathleen Fox, Olivia Jolie, Victoria Dejong, Jon Davey, Ani Chenier, Annabel Krupp, Elizabeth Poynter, Chris Dejong, Emily Dejong, Carmen Cooper, Robyn Gillam, Barb Hale.

The dedication of these people inspires us to grow and improve and we promise that we will continue to work toward that with your help. Join us, support us, and enjoy The North End Breezes! Welcome 2024!