This is the header used in our first archived issue in May of 1972.

Let the celebrations begin! Fifty years is a milestone in the publishing world and we’ve come a long way from the typed newsletter with hand drawn ads to where we are today. What hasn’t changed is the obvious pride that the residents of the NE have in their community.

In the big picture of The North End Breezes, I am a transplant. Others have been and gone and the previous Coordinator, Wendy Collins, was with us for eleven years.

We want to share the archived article with you in the upcoming months. We hope to touch your memories or share the history of the North End to our new North Enders.

As we lead up to our 50th Anniversary in May of 2022, we hope to be able to bring everyone together to celebrate. We welcome your stories and your memories so please share them with us.

The North End Information Service was started in 1972 by Menno J. Edig’r and Mike E Griffin. This was the forerunner of today’s North End Breezes. The first archived issue we can find is May 1972, but a first edition is alluded to in a Letter to the Editor by Mrs. Madden on Catherine Street.

We’d love to hear your stories, or be able to contact the families of the original Editors. If you have any information, please contact us at

There have been a few changes to the header over the years, and sometimes from one issue to the next.  Let the memories begin!

The ads were a little different….typed with hand drawn images.

Perhaps a bit creative, but just as effective and wow! A 1/2 litre of ice cream for .89 cents!

How many of these places do you remember?

An interesting reference to a group called N.E.C.A.

This one caught my attention. Could it be a group similar to our North End Neighbours Association (NENa)?

One thing it tells me is that the NE has been building community for over 50 years!