May I tell you about a wonderful product called Karie, developed in Guelph Ontario.  Karie is an automated medication management system for use at home.  Pills are pre-loaded at the pharmacy (just like the bubblepacks) and the pouch is inserted into the dispenser. Dispenser is plugged into the wall…the device ‘reads’ the pouches and when it is time to take your medication, it reminds you by sounding a chime and lighting up.  It can be programmed to notifiy (via text/email) a caregiver or family member if you don’t take your medication.  Developed by AceAge Inc. in Guelph, the company sees many applications for use, but most especially for Seniors living at home who need a reminder to take their meds-and provide peace of mind to a family member by contacting them if the meds are not taken. What a wonderful idea-we will be seeing this in smart homes everywhere-genius! xo