The Alzheimer Society of Hamilton Halton is embarking on an exciting new initiative targeting the residents and dementia-centred services of North Hamilton and other under-served areas of Hamilton.

To further assist the North Hamilton community specifically, the Alzheimer Society has positioned two of its staff members, an educator and a counsellor within Compass Community Health. These individuals are available to any client of Compass and can assist anyone who is or has been affected by dementia.

The educator is someone who will be able to increase your understanding and awareness of dementia and related illnesses. You will be able to discuss topics such as, “What is dementia?”, the warning signs of dementia, and how to keep your brain healthy.

The counsellor is then able to take things a step further. The counsellor can support you individually by helping you develop a care plan, identify strategies, and connect to relevant community resources. Counselling service is available for people living with dementia as well as their care partners.

If you would like to book a no-cost appointment with either staff member, please contact Compass Community Health at (905) 523-6611 or the Alzheimer Society at (905) 529-7030.