By Tracee Lee-Holloway

As the year winds down, we will miss those places and the people who have closed their spaces most recently.

In 2017, Casino Art Space on Mary Street, Oswald’s Gallery and Goods on James Street North, and the Kings and Queens Gallery of King Street East ended their reign as influencers that provided great energy to our Hamilton arts scene.  All the best to everyone as they make their way forward into the changes.

For now, pop up vendor markets such as Right On Target (held monthly at the Centre Mall) and at Evergreen Hamilton Community Storefront (during each Artcrawl) give us access to some local grassroots artists, makers and solopreneurs as community is built in these unique initiatives.

Retail shops such as Textures Craftworks on Locke Street, The 205 Studio on King Street provide local artisans exposure in a retail setting.  There will never be a lack of art, as the creative talent in this city is available in treasure troves.  Discovering these gems is part of the fun!

Looking forward to what 2018 holds while anticipating the exciting things to come at the galleries and performance spaces like Redchurch Gallery, The Assembly, Art Aggregate, Collective Brewing Arts, Art Battle and HAVN.

 Right On Target

1275 Barton Street East

Evergreen Hamilton Community Storefront

294 James Street North

Textures Craftworks

236 Locke St. South

(905) 523-0636

Studio 205

205 King Street East

(905) 522-2205

Redchurch Cafe + Gallery

Victoria Hall 68 King Street East

(905) 407-0459

The Assembly

4 Cannon Street East

(905) 522-5855

Art Aggregate

398 Nash Road North

Collective Arts Brewing

207 Burlington Street East

(289) 426-2374

Art Battle


26 Barton Street East

Whenever two people meet there are really six people present.
There is each man as he sees himself,
Each man as the other sees him-
And each man as he really is. ~William James 1842-1910

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