James  North Baptist Church is located at:

500 James St N Hamilton, ON

In-person services on Sundays, following the Covid19 protocols of face masks and social distanicing

Services are at 9am and 11am and pre-registration is needed due to attendance restrictions.

You can register for the services by visiting our www.jamesnorth.church and following the links.


We are enjoying in-person worship services, following the Covid19 protocols of face masks and social distancing. Pre-registration is preferred as we are limited in numbers, but you are still welcome to just walk on over and we’ll find a space for you!   Check our website (www.jamesnorth.church) for registration and service times as they change according to the protocols and attendance.  If we have 2 services they are at 9am and 11am.  If we have one service it is at 11am.

James North Baptist Church (formerly Hughson Street Baptist) has been a part of the North End for the past 134 years.  We have been more than just a worship gathering on Sundays as we minster to as many people during the week as we do through our Sunday worship times.  Under the leadership of Pastor Dwayne Cline, we believe the Lord has called us to a very simple philosophy of ministry – we seek to bless the North End of Hamilton in Jesus’ name.

We believe the gospel changes everything.  The good news of the gospel is that the death of Jesus Christ has paid the price for our sin, taking the penalty we deserve on Himself, saving us with certainty because of His resurrection.  The gospel grants us purpose, hope and a hew perspective on joy and fulfillment.  Life may not always be easy, but our hope in Jesus Christ gives us strength for the journey.  At James North we strive to continually offer the hope of Jesus to others through our ministries and programs.

We’ve been in our new building now for just over a year – have you dropped in for a look yet?  We would be glad to welcome you any Sunday or check out our live-stream.  You could also come by on Fridays from 9-11am for Coffee’s On where our Food Bank is open to help those who need a little boost.  Our website is the place to go for up-to-date information.