James North Baptist Church (formerly Hughson Street Baptist) has been meeting for Sunday worship in their new building at the corner of James and Picton since September.  It looks a lot different as they follow the COVID19 protocols,  which means only 30% capacity, physical distancing and masks always on, but the congregation is rejoicing that their new building is meeting their expectations.  When we last checked in on them an Open House was being planned, and a grand opening, but all of that has had to be shelved while we work together to flatten the COVID curve.  So all we can do is share a couple of pictures with our North End Breezes Readers.

The first is one of the worship services in the new gymnatorium.  Most of the week this will be a gym full of sports and fitness activity.  On Sunday it gets transformed into a place for worship.  The chairs get set up in family “bubbles” with the 2 metre spacing rule between them.  It is wonderful to hear the place filled with music and prayer each week.  In November they started meeting in 2 services each Sunday, at 9am and 11am.

The second is a picture of our kids in action.  It’s the same set up for them – family bubbles with 2 metre spacing in between.  They have a lot of fun learning about the Bible and sharing in interesting activities.

If you’d like to join in one of these services, you need to pre-register online through the church website www.jamesnorth.church.  The church family would be glad to welcome you any week.

James North Baptist Church
500 James Street North
905-527-3972   www.jamesnorth.church

James North Baptist Church has been serving in the North End of Hamilton for over 130 years. Our church was founded in 1887 and from 1910 to 2020 we were known as Hughson Street Baptist Church. We believe the Lord has called us to a very simple philosophy of ministry. We seek to bless the North End of Hamilton in Jesus’ name. We minister to as many people during the week as we do through our Sunday worship times.
We believe the gospel changes everything. The good news of the gospel is that the death of Jesus Christ has paid the price for our sin, taking the penalty we deserve on Himself, saving us with  certainty because of His resurrection. The gospel grants us purpose, hope and a new perspective on joy and fulfillment. Life may not always be easy, but our hope is in Jesus
At James North Baptist Church we strive to continually offer the hope of Jesus to others through our ministries and programs.


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