The Spectator recently reported that “You are going to see a lot of changes in the west harbour over the next two years,” said Chris Phillips, who heads up waterfront development for the City of Hamilton”. The Spec described the changes as “massive”.
Whether you like, hate, or don’t care about the City’s plans for Piers 6, 7 and 8, there is no doubt that the City plans to bring more people to our waterfront. The only way to do that is to bring them through the North End neighbourhood.
If you have any interest in how this might impact your life of the life of your family, we invite you to join us in going through the City’s plans and getting answers to questions like these:

  • With millions of dollars in construction coming in the next few years, how will that truck traffic be controlled so that it stays off our residential streets?
  • The neighbourhood approved 750 to 1000 new housing units for Pier 8 and limited local commercial. The City now proposes 1500 units and extensive commercial. How did that happen? Does it matter?
  • The neighbourhood approved of mixed housing on Pier 8 including family and affordable housing. Will that happen?
  • Our neighbourhood has been designated as a Child and Family Friendly neighbourhood with a unique and very important traffic management plan. Can this traffic management plan survive the developments proposed by the City or will our neighbourhood no longer be a place to raise children?
  • Is our 30K speed limit going to survive or will it be sacrificed to get visitors to the stores and offices on the waterfront?
  • Does anyone in the neighbourhood have time to work on these questions and help make an impact on the City plans and actions in our neighbourhood?

If you would like to be part of this discussion, please send an email to or leave a message (with your telephone number) at 905-769-0809 or by mail to 469 Bay Street North, Hamilton, ON, L8L 1N2
Harbour West Neighours is a group of North End residents who have been working on traffic and neighbourhood issues for more than 15 years.