HOPA Ports maps the depths of Hamilton Harbour with Multibeam Echo-Sounding Equipment

The Port of Hamilton introduced its latest innovation on the water this summer – the Multibeam Echo-Sounding device.

This equipment is comprised of two GPS antennas, an inertial measurement unit, an advanced echo sounder from R2Sonic, a sound velocity probe, and a data-processing SIM box. Together, they work as a precision tool for mapping the harbour’s underwater terrain, identifying high spots, and highlighting areas of concern, as well as determining when dredging is required.

“This is a game changer for us,” said Steve Parker, Construction Project Lead at HOPA Ports. “Our new multibeam unit has greatly improved efficiency. Previously, it took us several days to map an area with the single beam unit. With this new equipment, we can cover all mapping areas in just one day.”

HOPA Ports oversees the vital shipping lanes and vessel berths within Hamilton Harbour. The Multibeam Sounding device enables precise mapping of the harbour floor, ensuring safe navigation for vessels.

Thanks to this innovative technology, HOPA Ports can significantly enhance safety for vessels in the Ports of Hamilton and Oshawa.