HOPA’s mission focuses on being responsible stewards of the port lands and their robust marine, road, and rail networks. Part of this mandate includes keeping our local community safe. Protection and well-being are top of mind at the Harbour Masters Office.

This small but mighty team ensures the safety and security of HOPA Ports properties and facilities, while monitoring vessel traffic coming in and out of the Hamilton Harbour. “I am proud to be part of such a hardworking, dedicated, professional and supportive team,” said Vicki Gruber, HOPA Ports’ Harbour Master and Director of Safety and Security. Our Port Patrol officers have a tough job. It is their responsibility to keep a close watch on activities across the port, and safety is paramount.

We asked Port Patrol Officer, Rob Carey, what he loves most about his role. “I love the diversity of our job. Each day presents itself with a new set of challenges, that helps us grow individually, and as a team.” The Harbour Master’s Office motto is ‘See Something. Say Something’. This expression means bringing awareness to something that may not seem or look right. “In the past seven years, we have altered the security culture at the Port by encouraging our tenants and stakeholders to report suspicious activity or unsafe situations to the Harbour Masters Office,” said Gruber. Keeping the port community safe and secure is always a priority!

To learn more about HOPA Ports and the Harbour Masters Office, check out www.hopaports.ca/security