HOPA Ports (Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority) Welcomes the Algoma Bear to the Port of Hamilton!

The Algoma Bear arriving to the Port of Hamilton, HOPA Ports

In the soft light of an early morning in May, with the sky painted in hues of amber and rose, we watched in awe as the Algoma Bear sailed gracefully into the Port of Hamilton.

Every year, the port welcomes more than 600 vessels, delivering nearly 11 million metric tonnes of cargo. Algoma Central Corporation is a leading Canadian marine shipping company, operating the largest fleet on the Great Lakes. The Bear shines as the newest addition to Algoma’s Equinox Class fleet, a 740-foot Seaway-max self-unloader, distinguished by several environmental enhancements from its original design.

HOPA Ports was thrilled to board this massive vessel to offer a warm welcome to the Captain and Crew. A steep climb up the ladder to the main deck, we were offered a glimpse at the bridge where the Captain commands the ship, the mess hall, the control room and the engine room. It was enlightening to learn about the technological innovations, improving the ships energy efficiency by reducing its environmental footprint by 40% compared to older vessels.

Welcoming the Bear fills us with pride, symbolizing progress and epitomizing the future of shipping on the Great Lakes. As leaders in sustainability, HOPA Ports and its partners reinforce Hamilton’s important role in advancing maritime transportation, shaping a greener, more efficient future for all.

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