The Cellar Dwellers

The Cellar Dwellers group began in 1958 and has been involved in everything from fundraisers to Christmas donations to support many causes.  In their 65 years they have worked quietly to support other groups and organizations with many a fundraiser. They have donated to long term programs that benefit everyone from teens to seniors. The following quote gives an example of  the Cellar Dwellers making a difference. “17 years ago, my daughter and l wanted to start a volunteer run Social group for youths with developmental disabilities. A place where vulnerable teens & youth could leave their family at the door and be free to enjoy themselves. The Cellar Dwellers generous start up donation has enabled this group to prosper and assist in positively impacting 100’s & 100’s of lives. Attendees from all over Hamilton and their families are all benefitting and still benefit from the Cellar Dwellers act of kindness & generosity.