Moving into February brings an end to January’s Crime Stoppers Month. Every January, 37 Crime Stoppers programs throughout Ontario, 1200 worldwide celebrate Crime Stoppers Month, program achievements, partnerships, sponsors and introduce our yearly theme.  For example, Crime Stoppers Hamilton launched Campus Crime Stoppers partnering with McMaster, Mohawk and Redeemer. Partnering with the City of Hamilton, our City entry signs were installed on the Redhill Valley Parkway and York Blvd so all can see we are a proud community partner and SOON you will spot us proudly displayed on City buses sponsored by The Mazza Real Estate Team.  These partnerships are so important to us, as they not only expand the awareness of the program in our Hamilton community but it also expands our opportunity to be a bigger part of the community. Community and the safety of our Hamilton community is so important to us at Hamilton Crime Stoppers.

You make the program successful. We are often asked how people can support the program, donate to the program or even become a sponsor. Below is how to contact us to do any of these and how to contact us if you wish to volunteer your time as a member of our award-winning Crime Stoppers board.

Our partnerships include the media (like the North End Breezes), the Police and YOU…our Community! This tri partnership couldn’t be more important as we continue moving into 2022. As I mentioned earlier Crime Stoppers programs also launch a new theme every year. As we move into February I want to share the new theme for the year. The theme for 2022 “Stop the Crime of Human Trafficking”. Throughout the year we will work to bring awareness and education about the crime of Human Trafficking and its many forms. We will also be a partner with our community, media and police to help fight the crime of Human Trafficking.

Together, we can bring more awareness and be part of helping “Stop the Crime of Human Trafficking!

HAMILTON, your VOICE fights crime. So take part in having criminals answer for their actions, call Crime Stoppers with your tips at 1 800 222 TIPS or submit a tip via the web at and TOGETHER let’s continue making our community STRONGER and SAFER!

Be safe!