Heart Strings is an original musical production by director and Playwright Reynold Nathaniel. With lyrics and music by Reynold Nathaniel, Chantal Pike and Hannah Dean. Heart Strings tells the story of corruption, love, drama, repentance and forgiveness.

The musical is is set in Ireland 1908, when a young Italian apprentice (Adam Martino), travels to Ireland to deliver a special anniversary gift to Sir William’s (Scott Wilson) luxurious house filled with antiques, mechanical music machines and wind and stringed musical instruments. It is there when he crosses paths with Sir William’s daughter Elizabeth (Jessica Nicole Tomansone), who longs for a love like her parents.

Sir William expresses his love for his wife when he  decides to acquire a rare and special twenty-fifth wedding anniversary gift for his dear wife Victoria (Krista Barzso). His lawyer friend Douglas Hyde (Yann Archambault) has the perfect gift in mind from Germany, but ultimately greed and envy overtake Mr.Hyde who stops at nothing to obtain the original item for himself! He employs the help of Sir William’s man-servant (Manda Dannemann) to satisfy his plot. Ultimately, this plot leads the endangerment of Sir William’s family.

What is this gift in Germany that is being fought for? Will lonely Elizabeth find her true love? Who will survive? Will our beloved Sir William and his family get a happy ending?

This is an entertaining comedy with high drama, original music and a beautiful setting.  With musical direction by Luc Gaylie. As well as set and costume design by Jeanette Robinson and assistant set design by Madeline Delle Donne, the heartwarming musical Heart Strings will sure pull on your heart strings.

Heart Strings The Musical opens at Hamilton Fringe at the Players  Guild (80 Queen St South, Hamilton). It runs from July 20th,2017  and runs through until July 30th,2017  — with shows on; Thu July 20 6:00pm, Sat July 22 8:00pm, Sun July 23 2:00pm, Mon July 24 9:30pm, Thu July 27 6:00pm, Sat July 29 1:00pm, Sun July 30 9:00pm. Tickets can be purchased for $10 on www.hamiltonfringe.ca/tickets. LATECOMERS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED.

Company List

Director and Playwright: Reynold Nathaniel

Casting Director: Merle Sotillio

Stage Manager: Madeline Delle Donne

Assistant Stage Manager: Caterina Capizzano

Set and Costume Designer: Jeanette Robinson

Lighting Designers: Madeline Delle Donne, Jeanette Robinson

Assistant Set Designer:Madeline Delle Donne

Music Director: Luc Gaylie

Dancers: Michael Crawford,Melissia Tolkunow

Advertising and Marketing: Madeline Delle Donne Caterina Capizzano

Cast List:

Sir William: Scott Wilson

Victoria: Krista Barzso

Understudy Victoria: Tina Stance

Elizabeth: Jessica Nicole Tomansone

Understudy Elizabeth:Krista Barzso

Francesco: Adam Martino

Understudy Francesco: Nicolase Merlo

Conrad:Manda Dannemann

Douglas:Yann Archambault

Jackie: Alison Niven

Understudy Jackie: Tina Stance

For More information on Heart Strings The Musical

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