At HPA’s recent Annual General Meeting, we outlined plans to continue to develop the Port of Hamilton as a key employment zone within the city. We also announced ideas to help foster stronger connections between the Port and our surrounding community. Here are a few exciting initiatives of interest to our North End neighbours.

  • More opportunities for people to interact with the Port: This summer, we are hosting family activities in conjunction with the Tall Ships visit, and offering free public tours on the Harbour Queen. Mark your calendar for July 16th for the first tour! More information for Harbour Queen tour tickets will be posted on our website shortly.

Going forward, we will look for more opportunities for residents to connect with and learn about the Port.

  • A way forward on Sherman Inlet: HPA commits to a two year process to restore the altered shoreline at Sherman Inlet following an ecologically sound approach, and to preserve this feature permanently as a natural space.
  • Access – A window on the lake: In response to public interest in an accessible space along the central waterfront, HPA will create a viewing platform in the publicly-accessible north lot of the new boat storage facility (Pier 15). This area affords an excellent view of the bay, and the ongoing construction of the Randle Reef containment facility.
  • Greening the edges of the Port lands: HPA will look for opportunities to improve the physical appearance of the areas where Port lands meet public space. This will include landscaping along Eastport and Burlington St., and a new pollinator garden.
  • Convening a conversation about Fisherman’s Pier: HPA will start the process to convene the multiple government partners with landholdings around the shipping canal, with the goal of improving the recreational appeal of this space.

For more information about the Port or our plans for the future, please visit our website: