Election results as reported by the City of Hamilton, Oct. 25, 2022
Hamilton residents have voted Andrea Horwath mayor-elect in the City of Hamilton’s 2022 municipal election. Horwath received 59,216 votes.

The uncertified candidates for all 15 wards are as follows:
•Ward 1 – Maureen Wilson
•Ward 2 – Cameron Kroetsch
•Ward 3 – Nrinder Nann
•Ward 4 – Tammy Hwang
•Ward 5 – Matt Francis
•Ward 6 – Tom Jackson
•Ward 7 – Esther Pauls
•Ward 8 – John-Paul Danko
•Ward 9 – Brad Clark
•Ward 10 – Jeff Beattie
•Ward 11 – Mark Tadeson
•Ward 12 – Craig Cassar
•Ward 13 – Alex Wilson
•Ward 14 – Mike Spadafora
•Ward 15 – Ted McMeekin

Andrea Horwath

Hamilton is my pride and my inspiration. I could not have asked for a better hometown. I am filled with gratitude.

Thank you to everyone who voted, who volunteered and put up signs and those who bravely put their names on a ballot. You put your love for your city into action.

Thank you to Keanin Loomis and Bob Bratina and all other mayoral candidates.  Many good ideas were brought to this race.

Thank you outgoing Mayor Fred Eisenberger. He has given years to this city. And a heartfelt congratulations to every member of the new Hamilton City Council.

Friends, we started this campaign with the goal to build a Hamilton that works for everyone. But winning this election isn’t the end — it’s the beginning. Hamilton’s best days are ahead of us. Thank you for your trust.