Last week, Waterfront Shores celebrated a long-awaited decision after years of extensive community engagement and collaboration with the City of Hamilton.

On Wednesday, November 22, City Council approved the development plans for Block 16 at Pier 8. While this was a proud moment for our team, this approval marked a landmark decision for both the City of Hamilton and the North End community. And we could not have done it without you.

From the beginning of this process, it was important for us to listen to the people of Hamilton and listen to the North End community. It was through these important discussions with families, businesses and community organizations that we came to understand what makes Hamilton the great city we know. And it was through these discussions that our vision for the Pier 8 community came to life.

Set to integrate within a historic neighbourhood, the approved 45-storey tower will foster new opportunities that reimagine city placemaking. Block 16 will provide much needed family size units and improve opportunities for the public realm, including a publicly accessible look-out terrace. The civic landmark will contribute to and enhance the broader Pier 8 community and the City of Hamilton.

And our work does not stop with the approval. We have listened and worked with the community to understand the current and future needs of Hamilton. We are committed to continuing to work closely with you to foster a Hamilton waterfront that we are all proud of. Waterfront Shores is excited to review next steps and work with the City and the community to lead the project into the future.  We’ve heard from you.  You want us to get moving! And we will.

To the city staff, the community partners and the entire Hamilton community, you have all contributed to bringing this bold civic landmark to Pier 8, the North End, and Hamilton. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your involvement. Thank you for believing in our vision.