Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.”- Christian Louboutin.

With climbing temperatures comes a shift in style. People swap their much-loved jeans in favour of leggings and skirts, sweaters are replaced with tank-tops and sun dresses, and boots are swapped with flip-flops and wedges. Designers are revealing their spring and summer line and people in the fashion industry are itching to see the new looks. So, without further ado, let’s take a peak at the trends you can expect to see hitting the streets this season.

Staying active is a great means of staying healthy. Many designers are coming out with a series of active wear for those who want to look great while they feel great. This season, sporty wear is the hot new look hitting the streets. The sporty look is a great way to show off your figure with a close knit outfit that hugs your curves. Apart from looking stylish, you’ll be ready for any physical activity that may come your way!

It’s in style, it’s out of style. It’s in style, it’s out of style. Of course, I’m talking about 80s glam. Throughout the years, the ever lasting fashion sense of the 80s jumps between being hot and being forgotten in the past. This season, designers have declared that neon jackets, big hair, and the puffy sleeves of the 80s are back in style. So run to your closet and grab your favourite 80s inspired clothes because this season, we’re back, baby!

Flashy earrings. Photo courtesy of In Style magazine.


  • Giant purses
  • Flashy earrings
  • Statement clothing


  • Overalls
  • Short shorts
  • Socks and sandals

The sporty look. Photo courtesy of In Style magazine.

Stay beautiful!